Budget Silicone Swim Caps

The most popular swimming cap amongst swimmers is the flat silicone swim cap, easy to put on and take off without pulling at the hair, it is soft, smooth and stretchy and requires little maintenance.

Though silicone is a man made material it is still considered eco-friendly due to its durability. We provide a wide range of top quality silicone swimming caps and are able to deliver your club. school or event logo in bespoke single or multi-coloured print.

Whether you require caps for racing , training, fitness or just hair protection at swimming lessons, Swimprint delivers personalised perfection every time. All these caps are durable, hypo-allergenic and are comfortable to wear even for the longest swim sessions.

Ensure your swimmers have a strong team identity by providing them with the best quality swim cap with the highest quality precise printing from European craftsmen.

These budget caps provide that silicone experience without the price tag of our premium quality silicone cap.

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