Backstroke Flags

Backstroke Flags are a requirement for all swimming pools that host swimming galas and competitions or have lane swimming as an activity option. An ideal way to publicise your club, school or sponsor’s name they can be printed both sides in any colour.

Vital for swimming and triathlete training clubs using the pools,  backstroke flags are a clearly visible indication to each swimmer allowing them to  count strokes from the flags to the wall and thus enable accurate finishes and turns.

SWIMPRINT backstroke flags are made from durable yet pliable PVC and conform to ASA and FINA backstroke flag regulations.  Swimprint backstroke flags can be supplied in lengths to suit any pool width, minimum of 2 lengths per order.  They start at 10 metre lengths and go up in 5 metre increments:  10 metres, 15 metres, 20 metres, etc.  Each length has an extra 100-200cm of tape at each end for tie-off.
Prices include carriage to a single UK mainland address.  Carriage charged to all other destinations.
The minimum order quantity is 2 lengths (of the same length).
The pennants can be printed with up to 3 different designs (or plain colours) repeated along the length.
Lead time 3-4 weeks from approval of order and design.  Made in the UK.

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