How do you swim backstroke?

Swimming backstroke is a great way to exercise your body and improve your swimming skills. Here are the basic steps for swimming backstroke:

Start by floating on your back in the water with your head tilted back so that your face is out of the water.

Move your arms in a circular motion, with your palms facing outward and your thumbs pointing up. Reach behind your head with one arm while simultaneously extending the other arm out in front of you.

Kick your legs in a steady, fluttering motion to help propel you through the water. Keep your toes pointed and your legs straight, and kick from your hips.

Continue moving your arms in a circular motion, alternating your left and right arms, while continuing to kick your legs.

Keep your head tilted back and your eyes looking up toward the ceiling or sky. This will help you maintain good body position and balance in the water.

Breathe by rotating your head to one side as your arm comes over the water, and take a deep breath. Then, exhale as your arm goes back into the water.

Keep swimming in this manner until you reach your desired distance or destination.

Remember to practice good form and technique, and to build up your strength and endurance gradually over time. A qualified swimming instructor can provide more detailed guidance and help you perfect your backstroke technique.

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